Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Not all of us have the luxury of throwing all of our savings in luxury hotels or surf houses while having their dream surf holidays. Planning a surf trip is actually costly. You need to buy the plane ticket, buy extra board wax, budgeting your meals during the trip, and pay extra luggage for your surf board. If your destination require flight transfer, that means double charge of board luggage, that can cost half of your flight ticket alone. And if you decide to not to bring your board, you still need to rent them in the destination. Some of us need to think extra to keep the surf holidays on budget. If you’re one of those surfers in budget, you probably want to consider camping on the surf site for the holiday. Yup, the actual camping—in oppose to the more popular “surf camp” dormitories and villas. Here’s everything you need to know about camping on surf destination!

Two Ideal Options for Surfing Holidays on Budget!

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

Now, there’s two options on surf camping. Either you bring your own tent and set it up on the nearest surf sites or go to established surf camping sites! On most empty beaches who happen to have some of the best waves, the first option will work so well. But camping in more popular beaches might require a spoken or written permission from the local beach guardian. It cost almost zero money to set up your own tent—your only spending will be on the foods and probably on getting the permission. Some areas on Australia, UK, and America even have dedicated area for camping sites. They have facilities on the sites such as coin operated showers, laundry, tumble dryers, and electricity. You can either bring your own tent or rent a bell tent from them.

Going to established surf camping site is definitely more convenient for surf holidays, though you still need to pay for the accommodation. Nevertheless, it’s way cheaper from hotels. It’s ideal for those who want to have the best of surfing but don’t have the bank balance to match. On this option, you don’t have to build your own tents—they have been semi permanently build on the ground. They might have occupancy options, such as single, double, and superior which quite similar to hotels. Note that you won’t have extra services on the camp-sites options. It’s just you, the camp, and having as many surf as possible. 

Stay Closer to the Beach

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!


Anyone that has been travelling a lot know exactly how the price of accommodation goes directly proportional with location. The closer a hotel gets to the beach, the more expensive its rate. Unless you are staying at campsites. It sits in prime location, it’s just one stone throw away from the swelling beach, and it cover all your basic necessities. Also, it’s one of the greatest way to escape the tourist hordes. The simplicity and practicality of surf camping site make it almost perfect for solo travelers. Campsite is undoubtedly the most cost-affective mode of travel for budget surf holidays.

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Camping Sites are Getting More Popular for Surf Holidays

Planning Surf Holidays? Think About Surf Sites Camping!

When you are going to surf holidays, your first instinct might be going at surf camps, surf schools, surf houses, or villas because they are the most popular options for surfers. However, now camping sites are growing in popularity. You can easily find campsites fro surfers in France, Portugal, Spain, Australia, California, and the UK. Some even provide escalated version like “glamping”—glamour camping. Glamping offer an experience of staying at a camp with beds and complete modern convenience.