Resort Builder Bali, How To Implement Balinese Characteristics

Bali is one of the popular islands of Indonesia. This island is quite often visited by tourists because of its culture which is still quite thick and persistent. In addition, Bali is famous for its customs, clothes, and buildings. The increase in tourist arrivals causes an increase in the need for new hotels or resorts. The search for villa & resort builder Bali has also increased along with construction developments after the pandemic ended. 

Resort builder Bali with local traditional characteristics

Cultural preservation and the persistence of traditional Balinese characteristics are very important to be maintained. Why? So as not to lose the characteristic identity of Bali architecture. It is hoped that hotels and resorts in Bali will promote the concept of local wisdom and maintain Balinese culture.

Resort builder Bali with local traditional characteristics

The hallmark of traditional Bali architecture in most villas and resorts is a spa. Traditional Balinese architecture has a specific character that refers to the culture of the community and its deep relationship with the local natural environment. Villas & resorts in Bali come with the concept of a trip that provides an unforgettable experience.

Resort hotels pamper their visitors with an experience of the place. The uniqueness of the local location will be highlighted. The local natural potential is adapted and used as the main element in building design. The building design also adapts the local culture to preserve the local culture as a tribute to the surrounding environment.

The selection of local materials and goods produced by local artists adds to the value of a typical Balinese villa or resort. The use of design services Bali will really help the owner choose all the accessories with a Balinese theme. The hope is that villas and resorts can combine a minimalist design that is able to show Balinese culture. 

Application of Gazebo in Bali villas & resorts

The gazebo is part of the Balinese architectural style. The gazebo or “bale bengong” is permanent and also functions as an informal space, a place to relax, and rest while breathing fresh air and looking at the surrounding gardens.

The main structure “Bale bengong” is actually a small house that is open and built in an open area or on garden land. It is located separately from the main house building. The main structure lies in the columns that support the roof.

“Bale bengong” Bali was originally a place to dry or put crops such as rice before entering the rice barn when the harvest season arrived. Currently, bale bengong is not only for placing crops but has been implemented as a traditional Balinese feature.