Survival Tips To Know Before You Go Camping As Adult

Camping as a kid with your family or school mates and teachers is different from when you do it as an adult. Camping is surely fun activity to do since you can get closer to the nature, seeing so many wildlife and experience so many interesting things. However, it also has its own risks and they can be daunting when you go camping for the first time. Thus, it is important that you educate yourself with information about camping survival tips to make your experience more seamless and memorable. 

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Camping survival tips for first-timers

Facing the wilderness of the nature can be challenging and you cannot just do whatever you want there. You need to gear yourself with camping skills so you know how ti survive if something goes wrong. Here are some of survival tips for you who are planning to camp for the first time:

Pack enough food

When you plan to camp in the forest, you might think that the place will provide you everything you need to eat. However, it is not a movie where you can just hunt a deer, catch some fish, or grab some fruits from the nearest trees. You need to prepare and pack your own before camping. Make sure to also choose the right foods. The best foods to camp include breads, salt and pepper, jam and butter, sandwiches, biscuits, protein bar, fruits, and bottles of water.also, don’t forget to bring your own cutlery, lighter, and garbage bags. 

Bring something to give you comforts

Going for a camp doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a back pain. Hence, bring proper gear to help you rest comfortably. Bring your own sleeping bag, travel blanket, and even few cans of beer. 

Wear and pack the right clothes

Make sure to do a research before going camping so you know what to do and bring to survive. Make sure you wear and pack appropriate clothes. You don’t want to freeze to death while sleeping in a tent during chilly night in the middle of the forest. Also, wear proper shoes that can protect your feet optimally. 

Bring the right necessities

If you are going to camp in  a place that is pretty far from civilization, make sure to bring the right necessities to help you survive. For example, make sure to bring headlamp to help you when you are going back to the van, tent, or toilet. Pack enough toilet paper and your own usual toiletries. Also, don’t forget to pack some insect repellent, sunscreen, and swimming costume. 

Things you should pay attention to

Every campsite usually has staffs who maintain the place. Make sure that you get their permission before camping on the site. Make sure to ask them emergency number that you can call in case of emergency. Also, don’t forget to follow the rules and camp respectfully. Avoid making any damage to the campsite facilities. And of course, clean after yourself and leave the place as it was before you came.