The Best Visa If Own Bali Property

The number of foreigners who own property in Bali is no longer a secret. Even so, they do not get a special visa. Many foreigners think that having a Bali property benefits them because they have the right to get a visa.

bali property

If you have a property in Bali and only have a short stay, a tourist visa will be enough. Tourist visas usually get a visit permit for 1 month. Peeping on your property condition in 1 month is enough. A lot can be done to check the condition of your property.

Social, Pensionary, or Working Visa?

Property maintenance must be done regularly. It will be difficult if a foreigner has a Bali property and has only been visited in a short time. If you own a property and will stay longer in Bali, every foreigner can use a Social visa. You will get the first 2 months, and then can be renewed every month for a period of 6 months.

To get a social visa, every foreigner must have an Indonesian sponsor. The beauty of this exotic island makes many foreign tourists have an interest in buying Bali property.

Most foreigners not only invest to buy a property. Business in Bali has its own charm. Given that Bali is a popular tourist destination and is the world’s favorite, tourist visits are increasing every year. A sponsored visa is not issued in Bali but can only be issued outside Indonesia. If you want to stay more than 6 months in Bali, then you must fly after 6 months to the nearest neighbor and return to get a new social visa.

Having a Bali property and getting a social visa does not mean you can work freely. There are many processes that you must follow according to Indonesian government regulations to be able to work as foreign workers. Sometimes deflecting the rules will be very easy to do, but don’t try them if you own property in Bali.

To be able to work in Bali, you must arrange a work visa or called KITAS. It must be considered that having quality makes foreigners get a lot of benefits. KITAS holders can have a driving license, place your name in a private motor vehicle and others.

Benefits if you are a foreign pensioner, you can get a period of stay for 1 year when the visa is issued. Renewal of a retirement visa can be done every year for a total period of 5 years. The point is you must carefully choose the type of visa to Bali. Don’t bend the rules easily if you still want to live in Bali. Bali property can be one of the reasons you continue to live and work in Bali.