Things to Note When You Decide to Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen is known as one of the biggest contributors in increasing real estates and even apartment values. Both home appraisers as well as homebuyers consider kitchens as one of the most important places in a house.

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners or real estate people would usually invest in kitchen upgrades. Aside from the fact that people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, automatically turning kitchen into social spaces as well; kitchen upgrades are known to bring high ROI (return of investment). Kitchen is also a space where a lot of energy is consumed on a daily basis. Upgrading kitchen appliances and equipments may actually save a lot of costs and energy in the long run.

Before laying down money to remodel the hell out your kitchen, heed some of the essentials here.

Assess your kitchen

Go over the basics of what a healthy house and a healthy space entail. Make sure to assess your overall space, both the kitchen itself as well as the surrounding area. This is important not only when you’re about to make major and costly kitchen remodel; often, by simply assessing your space and being able to rearrange it would cause a major change in your kitchen.

Have a design plan

Always have a plan, always have a sketch and the design down. Rough concepts are where it all started. Consulting with a professional would be the ideal scenario. Designers or architects would be able to provide you insights that you may not think of before. If employing the help of designers is out of your capability, then make sure to do your research thoroughly, and even consult people who can give you second opinions if you need them.

Maximize storage

One of the aims of kitchen upgrade is to maximize the overall storage capacity. Tiered racks, open shelves, lazy susans are applicable alternatives that could be cleverly utilized instead of installing cabinets that are both costly and space-consuming.

Kitchen sink and faucets

Upgrading your kitchen sink and faucets may be a wise move. Make sure to assess their condition and their functionality. Old sink and faucets are sometimes best removed if they don’t function well or are difficult to clean.

Windows and doors

Air circulation is something extremely important in kitchen space. This is a potentially a costly remodel of the kitchen. However, good air circulation and lighting brought by good ventilation through windows and doors can save you a lot of money and energy in the long run for air purifier and other energy consuming utilities.

Lighting makes a big difference

Natural lighting is the best in all cases, thus, referring to the previous point. Additionally, good electric lighting design is just as important. Good lighting will improve kitchen’s ambience considerably. Warm and welcoming kitchen is something that more than just visually pleasing. It creates a better overall atmosphere of the house. Consider getting LEDs for energy saving and more aesthetically pleasing lights. For visual interests, consider pendant lights, toe-kick lights, etc.