Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

Picture the laid-back atmosphere. A cool surf house by the beach where you can hear gentle sounds of the waves lapping to the shores. A place to learn to surf where you can find some peace and chill vibes within the space. But why bother to go all out and stay at surf camp for beginners entirely while you can just enrol on surf school and just stay at regular hotel/ dorm room? Here’s why.

Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

Thick Surfing Ambiance and Laid Back Culture at Surf Camp for Beginners

You won’t find surfing ambience as thick as in surf camp. Everyone you meet there is a surfer. Well, almost everyone—cause some travels with their non-surfer partners. Unlike hotels and resorts which ambience is often times more formal, there’s something about surf camps for beginners that make it feel more like home. You can either stay at the dorm rooms and meet new awesome friends or the suite if you want more space. Days pass slowly here. Everyone is ether having fun surfing, relaxing at the bean bags, or journaling in their blogs.

The common rooms are decorated with surf related accessories—sometimes even unintentionally. They have surf equipment rentals that you can rent with ease. The surfing classes and other sports, like yoga and bicycling are available to book separately. But if you book it with your room, you will like get special deals. Also, staying at a surf camp give you smoother introduction to the rest of the country.

Surf Camp for Beginners Give You Actual Motivation to Go Surfing

Why Surf Camp for Beginners Is Best for You

It’s easy to skip surfing lessons when you don’t feel like it if you stay at regular accommodation. But if you stay at a surf camp for beginners and register on their classes, you have no other choice but to agree to their schedule. That means you need to wake up every morning at six and go surfing at seven with the rest of the group. You will less inclined to stick at surfing schedule if you are staying by your own. The camp will also tell you where to surf at that day and take you there. Looking at which beaches with good waves to surf at that day by yourself can give you enough headache, especially when you are not that expert at surfing yet. More often that not, that leads to postponing the surfing because you’ve tired from just looking up the sites. True story!

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Three Benefits from a Surf camp

A Chance to Taste Homemade Local Cuisine

Some of us just don’t feel safe enough to eat like the locals. We’re afraid of being overcharged (because we look like tourists!), we’re afraid that the local stalls are not hygienic enough, or just simply not liking the taste of the locals. Luckily, most surf camps for beginners include breakfast and dinner at their package. And they do know the best way to introduce local taste to foreigner’s palate. Most of the foods are international dishes, but they do slip one or two local cuisine on the menu. And if it turns out that you don’t like it, you can always order something different from the chef.

Trying As Many Surfboards As You Can

One of the biggest adventure to stay at surf camp for beginners is the chance to try out as many surfboard as you want! As a beginner, you will always start on big soft board. But as you’re progressing, you will step up to hard board. If you stay for five days or longer you might ask the instructor to try on other types of boards. You probably won’t master them in the firs try—they even not suitable for your level yet—but it will give you insight on how these boards work. It’s an essential knowledge to have especially if you plan to continue surfing and buy your own board in the future.