A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

The far-flung, once isolated and unknown Komodo National Park rocketed into fame as its undulating hills, untouched beaches, crystal blue waters, and the existence of 5,000 years old Komodo Dragons captured worldwide attention. The last surviving colony of dragons to roam the earth. The Komodo National Park has successfully stun wanderers, travelers, divers, and all the like with its pure natural beauty. However, the beauty of Komodo wouldn’t last very long if we, as visitors, is not careful. This is why eco and sustainable travelling becomes very important on the sailing trip Labuan Bajo. We should never forget to care to Komodo’s fragile environment to keep it at its pristine condition for generations to come.

A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

A green travelling is not only about camping deep in the forest or travelling to a lush jungle. Green travelling is about putting awareness on every little thing we do during the travel to keep the balance of nature. It’s not only about the destination; but what we can contribute to the destination while enjoying its beauty. And here’s some simple but impactful things to do on your Komodo trip and protect the environment.

Be mindful with your body care products on sailing trip Labuan Bajo

The Komodo National Park is house of one of the richest and most diverse marine life in the world. It’s part of globally-treasured Coral Triangle which become a save haven for million species of ocean life. Careless travelling on this pristine water actually contribute to the slow death of the coral triangle. Studies has found that some body care products like shampoo and sunscreen release oxybenzone chemical that can seep into waters and get absorbed by corals, causing bleaching and ultimately the death of coral. You don’t want to be that person who ignorantly spoiled Komodo’s environment.

Reusable water bottle is your best friend

Indonesia is definitely not a nation with drinkable faucet water. A large portion of local people either purchase a gallon of drinkable water or buy the packaged one in closest store for a speedy beverage. Try not to follow the custom. Lessen the plastic waste by bringing your own reusable water bottle. Likewise, ditch the plastic straws. Use a reusable silicone/ metal straw for your drinks instead.

Pick up trash on the sailing trip Labuan Bajo

A Green Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo: Love the Komodo

Because why not? This is how we can express our love and actually give something back to our beloved Komodo. First step is collecting your own plastic junks throughout the Labuan Bajo sailing trip—the whole time. Make sure you dispose it at garbage dump point which doesn’t end up in the sea. Especially when you are on trekking tour or beach chilling at one of the islands. Second, start picking up trashes you see during the island tour. Do your best to help clean up the wild.

Bring reusable shopping bag everywhere

Komodo’s big sister, Bali, has banned single use plastic bags from markets and shops. Follow the lead and bring your reusable shopping bag anywhere during the sailing trip Labuan Bajo. It will come extremely useful when you come across a local shop on one of the destination island.

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Light Packing on the Sailing Trip

Do you realize that vehicles utilize more standards to convey heavier burdens? In this way, they emanate increasingly green house gasses which adds to climate contamination.

Furthermore, as usual, don’t take anything, don’t leave anything, and make the most of your green Komodo sailing trip!