Building A Private Villa in Bali: Insider Tips No One Told You

Building A Private Villa in Bali- Insider Tips No One Told You

Before the global pandemic that put the world to stop, in 2019 alone Bali welcomes 16.10 million tourists from all around the world. It is unsurprising that Bali remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Many also fall in love with this island and decide to stay for long term. This lovely island’s breathtakingly beautiful environment, welcoming culture, and year-round tropical weather attracts people—both local Indonesians and foreigners to invest in a private villa in Bali. 

Vacation rentals and private villas can be a terrific method for everyone involved to make money. Building a successful villa, however, goes beyond choosing the best or popular locations and obtaining permit. Here’s some considerations that no one told you about to create an amazing vacation rental in Bali. 

Decide on the Style of Your Private Villa Bali

Decide on the Style of Your Private Villa Bali

With so many rental villas available in Bali, yours will need to be designed in a style that appeals to tourists. Most travelers from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and European such as the UK, France, and the Netherlands tend to choose modern and minimalist villas.

Aside from that, European tourists have indicated a preference for traditional yet modern Balinese aesthetics in regions that are closer to nature and beauty. Secluded private villa rentals in Bali that are away from the daily grind are in demand for travelers who want to seek peace and space for their ideal vacation.

Decide on How Many Rooms in Your Bali Villas

Think about quality versus quantity during the planning. Are you planning to accommodate a large number of people or are you more interested in giving unique experiences to individuals? You should consider the structure of your lodging when deciding on your preferences. Would a villa be more appropriate for your ambitious aspirations, or would a hotel be more appropriate?

Because villas usually popular among people who want to have privacy, the most popular ones are ranging from 2 bedroom villa Seminyak with private pool to 7 bedroom villa for large group and families. 

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Special Check on Swimming Pools

Special Check on Swimming Pools

If you buy an existing villa, pay attention to the pool. Villas with private pool in Bali can always top the market competition than the ones without. However, changes to an existing pool, aside from changing the tiles or painting the inside a different color, are time consuming and costly. Changes to the pool’s shape are nearly impossible. Make sure the pool isn’t leaking. Cracks are notoriously difficult to mend, and most repairs necessitate re-pouring. Check the pumps and filtration system with an expert individual. Many pools have pumps that are too small for the size of the pool, and they quickly wear out. Replacements are too expensive.

Keep Good Relationship with the Local Banjar 

One or more Banjars can be found in every Balinese village, the smallest unit of community in Bali. This is a form of community council that preserves local customs while also providing community service and social welfare. Because the Banjar makes its own decisions, it’s critical to keep them informed about the villa’s progress and establish a positive relationship with them from the start.

Many western property owners who stay on the island for an extended period of time become well-liked members of the banjar, particularly those who participate in community activities and ceremonies or provide financial support.

Our tips on dealing with difficult Banjar: However, a few Banjars or Banjar officials have a reputation for being difficult. Before you relocate into a Banjar’s district, you might want to solicit the help of a knowledgeable person to find out whether there are any unique quirks you should be aware of. It’s best to get the help of a Balinese who is familiar with the local community dynamics.

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Take Time to Research the Best Building Materials

Always seek a professional assistance to look for good-quality building materials in Indonesia. A trained and knowledgeable building surveyor will examine the structure of the building, as well as ancillary areas such as electrical systems and equipment, plumbing, drainage, pest infestation, and so on. However, there are an increasing number of western-style and western-standard building materials available these days to build a good property in Bali.

The Value Of Outsourcing For Your Business

Outsourcing is not uncommon practice for many companies around the world. It is often seen as more efficient ways to have  experienced people to do the job you cannot handle in your company. It is much more efficient than going through a series of recruitment process because then you don’t have to waste time and money excessively. 

The value of outsourcing service

When it comes to the value of service, you will get what you pay for sure. The real value can be judged from various factors such as experience, case studies, and recommendations. When you plan to use certain service like outsourcing, you need to see what benefits it brings for you and your business. If it is worth investing in then you can go with that plan. 

The decision to use outsourcing service

The decision to use outsourcing service

The idea of outsourcing is not new for any business so if you think there will be any benefits coming from doing it, then why not? What you want to pay from using this service is people who have credibility, recommendations, and good track record. These kind of people are what can help you with your work-related tasks. You mau also consider other factors when outsourcing such as personal brand, reputation, etc. Generally, all those factors are correlated to one another. 

There are some people who may view outsourcing too expensive for them. However, it is back to your professional objectives. If you think paying more for those skilled, professional, and experienced people is worth investing then go ahead. There is nothing wrong in doing that. Keep in mind that those professionals have been through all of trials and errors phases you don’t have to. They know what they are doing and that’s what you want to use. 

Saving time through outsourcing

As mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of outsourcing is to save you time. And in business world, time is invaluable. You can get back the money that you lost by working harder. But with time, there is nothing you can do to take it back. Hence, managing how you use your time is one of the most effective efforts you can do to grow your business successfully. The decision to outsource is to save you big time and investing in it is worth it. 

Investing in outsourcing service

If you have time to do everything by yourself while growing your business successfully then investing in outsourcing service might not be interesting for you. However, it is highly unlikely that you as one single person will be able to handle everything. Even with a team, sometimes works are too overwhelming to handle. 

If investing in this service and not doing it yourself worth to you then do it properly. It means, choose reputable, professional outsourcing company with good recommendations and track records. You can even choose premium service if you think your business needs it. By outsourcing some of your burden-related works, you have more time to focus on growing your company. 

How to Make Your Bali Villas Attractive for Family Guests

5 Steps to Make Your Bali Villas Attractive for Family Guests

As one of main destination for all year long vacation from all around the world, it’s important for villa owners in Bali to make sure their rentals is ready for families and groups of all ages. Beside youth and couples, family takes one of the biggest and fastest growing segment in travel demography. Making your villas in Bali family friendly is a great way to reach wider market and get more bookings. Furthermore, since finding a true family-friendly villas is quite a challenge in itself, families who are happy with their vacation rental tend to be loyalists and will book the same villa for the next holiday. You know how valuable repeated customers are in tourism industry. 

However, catering a family vacation goes beyond having more rooms in the villa. Here are five steps to improve family’s experience and make your rental a true family-friendly villa. 

Max Out the Space in Your Bali Family Villas

Increasing the number of sleeping choices in your bedrooms and living areas can help make your vacation rental more family friendly. Many families prefer to stay in a private villa in Bali since hotels do not provide the necessary space without asking them to purchase an additional room. Bunk beds and couch beds are excellent methods to increase occupancy in your bedrooms without fully transforming them into children’s quarters.

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Stock Up Kitchen Amenities

5 Steps to Make Your Bali Villas Attractive for Family Guests

It’s difficult to find time in our daily life to gather around a family dinner, so make sure your vacation rental is set up to provide guests with that luxury. Extra plates, bowl, cups, and eating utensils are the standard in vacation rental. However, you can go extra-mile and provide these amenities if you want to be the best family villas in Bali. 

Stock your kitchen with everything guests will need to make and enjoy a large dinner together in your Bali holiday villas. You will establish the groundwork for nights filled with delicious food, warm laughter, and memorable moments to remember. These are extra kitchen amenities that would please travelling families:

  • Kid-friendly plates and utensils
  • Kid-chair
  • Dish soap
  • Kitchen scissor 
  • Can opener
  • Kettle
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Pot and pans

Provide Laundry Station in Your Bali Family Villas

Beside a kitchen, families also want to have laundry facilities so that they can carry less. They will also greatly appreciate the availability of detergent. Laundry detergent is not generally available in tiny quantities, and they would like not to have to take it about with them. This isn’t required, but it’ll be good if your guests don’t have to go out and purchase it!

Give A Welcoming Gift for the Little Guests

Gifting your guests is an excellent approach to create a pleasant and lasting impression that may result in amazing feedback. You might leave a bottle of wine or baked goods for guests. However, parents are more impressed when the villa take a great attention to their children as well!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to demonstrate that you care. Anything that keeps the kids occupied while giving their parents some spare time is a fantastic way to enhance both experiences. Some ideas for affordable yet pleasant gift for the little travelers: 

  • Activity book
  • Drawing book
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Origami paper
  • Milk carton
  • Juice carton
  • UNO game cards 

Have Books and Toy Games Ready 

A few books and modest toys will keep children entertained for a few days. It’s such a delight to stay somewhere like this. It’s incredible how it will keep kids entertained during parent’s time in the villa, allowing them to simply prepare for their daily expedition.

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Families Do Appreciate Mattress Protector

Travelling families with baby and toddler would really appreciate if you have mattress covers for the bed. Children have mishaps and sometimes they also get ill during the trip. If an accident occurs, having a mattress protector ready makes everyone’s life simpler and less stressful.

Preventing Your Company From Data Breach

In this modern era, digitalization is a must because you need to keep up with how the world works. There are many benefits your business can get from going digital such as easier access, effective data collection, faster actions, and many more. The downside is, your business will be at risk of data breaches. There are many different incidents that can be called data breaches. Some of them might not affected your business significantly but it CAN be bad. Many companies have lost millions after experiencing data breach. 

Preventing Your Company From Data Breach

Preventing data breaches from happening to your business

What the most concerning of data breach is the damage it can cause. You may lose confidential data and information that cost a lot and endanger the stability of your company. You may have the best method to recover from data breach but it takes time. It is more recommended that you prevent it from happening instead of just preparing for the way to contain it and here are several ways you can do it:

Understand data breach and the risk your company might have

Data breach can sound scary since it is a movement of private or secure information to an untrusted environment and it can be unintentional or intentional. It could be a hacker or even your employees doing the leaking. There are many ways your data can be breached even unintentionally. It takes many different from and not every company is exposed to the same risks. However, it is vital to stay on guard.

Limit the access

It is essential that you restrict the access of information flowing in and out of your company, especially if it is personal or secure information. Limiting the access to data can be really helpful in minimizing the risk of data breaches. You can do it in many forms such as set up different user roles with different levels of access for your internal space or avoid storing confidential information in a storage where every employees can access it freely. 

Improve your online security

It is crucial for you to improve general security comprehensively. You may discuss with professionals of how to do it properly. There are many ways you can do to improve your general security such as through the architecture, VPNs, firewalls, traffic monitoring and restriction, routine updates and checking, etc. Those can make huge differences for your company to stay safe from data breach. Even If you still get your data breached, you will find it out quickly and figure out how to contain it immediately. 

Train your employees to protect themselves

Some data breaches are not caused by professional hackers but also oblivious employees due to human errors. Hence, it is highly recommended to train your employees by teaching them to follow best practices to prevent it. Establish protocols and hierarchies so they know what they have to do and what they are responsible for. Also, educate them of possible cyberattack threats that can elad to data breaches so they know how to avoid them. 

What Travellers Wants in Your Beach Villa Bali

What Travellers Wants in Your Beach Villa Bali

Building a great vacation property in Bali is not only about buying lands and houses. To stay in competition, you need to know your audience and provide what they need. You need to be that desirable villa that hook their attention in accommodation listing and featured by lifestyle influencers. It takes deep research and great taste to create a vacation home that people save in their wish lists. Here are our insights on what travelers really want in a beach villa in Bali.

A Beach Villa Bali That Actually Feels Like Home

When travellers settle for a villa, they don’t always look for the most luxurious beach house with jacuzzi and private cinema. Sometimes, all they want is a nice house where they can relax and be at ease.

Affordable House for Long-Term Rent

Let’s face it. Not every traveler could afford those billioners-dream houses and most of them need affordable houses for long-term stay in Bali, but still gives luxurious feel in it.

A Privileged Location

A Privileged Location

Travelers love modern style villas that sits in great location. Your guests can relax and rest easily anytime they wish in the modern villas, which are adjacent to attractive and tranquil spots. Modern villas are particularly popular near beaches and coasts, or further interior yet close to the sea or with wonderful mountain views, where there are also neighboring forests and pleasant locations.

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A Spacious Beach Villa Bali

When travelers cross half of the globe to stay in Bali, they don’t want to settle in a small house. They want their vacation villa to be airy and spacious—and really feels like a vacation house. That isn’t to say it needs to be a massive mansion. It must be built in such a way that people do not feel as if there is insufficient space. A villa may be built across a large area, but it is the interior of the villa that should make it appear enormous. When you first go into the home, you must have the impression that there is a lot of space within. Despite the fact that there are numerous rooms, they should not feel crowded. You should get the impression that the space is alive.

A Private Pool Only for the Villa Dwellers

A Private Pool Only for the Villa Dwellers

Because pool sharing is so overrated! One of the best things about living in a beach villa Bali is that they won’t have to share the pool with dozens of strangers. Guest can have it all to themself. Private villa pools varies in size from little plunge pools to large infinity pools. Some pools have a shallow area for children or are connected to an open-air Jacuzzi. Choose the right pool model for your villa according to your budget and target markets.

A Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom

A Refreshing Outdoor Bathroom

Imagine being able to combine that experience with a relaxing bathing rituals. An outdoor bathroom in a private villa is the closest travelers can get to connecting with nature in the most intimate time, without sacrificing privacy. Outdoor bathroom is almost synonymous with a refreshing treat, relaxing, and being in the zen. Travelers love outdoor bath since it allows you to be cut off from the rest of the world while basking in the tranquility of nature in your own little cocoon, amidst towering flora. It will be a significant departure from the monotony of traditional indoor restrooms. This is why many luxury resorts feature outdoor baths, which provide the ideal combination of luxury and open-air appeal without sacrificing privacy.

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Something Unique About the Villa

Travelers love to find something unique and different during their vacation. And if you follow Instagram, travel blog, or travel vlogs trend in recent years, most villas that features in “10 Villas You Need to Stay in Bali” or “Most Instagrammable Villas in Bali You Must Try” are one-of-a-kind. They offer anything from luxurious environmental bamboo homes to oceanfront treehouses. So, if you decides to build a beach villa in Bali, make sure to incorporate unique design on it.

Using Past Personal And Professional Experiences To Benefit Your Business

Your experiences shape how you see the world as human being and entrepreneur. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to not afraid to try new things because it is what builds your growth. And growth can only be found outside of your comfort zone. When you keep nurturing your growth through experiences, success is more possible to reach. But more than that, you can use your past personal and professional experiences to benefit your business. 

Using Past Personal And Professional Experiences To Benefit Your Business

How to use past personal and professional experiences in business

Your past experiences whether they are personal or professional can be used in building your business if you know what context to use. You need to use them with the right perspectives. For example, all your experiences can be used with the context of providing good service to your consumers. 

Contextualizing your experiences to connect and establish a rapport

There is always something you can learn from what you have experienced in life. Whether or not it relates to your professional life, you can always create a connection one way or another with the right context and here is how you do it:

Put your critical learning into practice

It is essential to put critical learning into practice to leverage your past experience. Hence, you need to analyze patterns and identify areas to improve outcomes. When experiencing things, whether they are something new for you or not, it is recommended to document outtakes and frequently look at them so you know how to stay on tracks and how to bring your business a brighter future. 

Use authenticity in storytelling

Authenticity is often viewed as less important thing in business. Meanwhile, it is such an impactful power you can use to leverage your experiences in the success of your business. You can convey your real-life examples of best practices and experiences through a storytelling that is entertaining as well as meaningful. The art of storytelling is important in business and you can use your experiences to boost its impact to your success.

Build relationships through your own stories

When you convey your stories, there are people who may relate or are simple interested with it. And it what can lead to relationship. As entrepreneur, building a relationship is a lifelong process and you can maximize it by using your own stories to connect with more people. You can share your stories using variety of platforms such as social media, blogs, articles, etc. Try to open up about the good, the bad, and something in between to your following. It allows them to see your values and beliefs that can connect you with each other. 

Remain humble and be open to learn

It is a must to embrace curiosity to be successful not only in business but also in life. With curiosity and growth mindset, you will always create an opportunity to learn while remain humble. Always know your core values to guide your key decisions while allowing the evolution to happen. Only this way you will enjoy the journey while gaining success. 

How to Maintain Your Property Bali Benoa and Its Value

How to Maintain Your Property Bali Benoa and Its Value

Having a property in Benoa, one of the most beautiful coastal area in Bali, can definitely be a good investment. Whether you let it or sell it in future decades, the property will give you huge return—as long as you maintain it right. Maintaining your investment property is beneficial to you in terms of recruiting and keeping good renters, as well as preserving the property’s worth over time. With this in mind, we have created several tips on maintaining your coastal property to protect its value from depreciating risks.

Renting Your Property Bali Benoa for Long Term? Screen Your Tenants

It’s common to rent out your house and property in Benoa and other areas of Bali to long term foreigners, aside of putting it up for B&B or villa rental. However, you need to do selective screening for your tenants if you choose to put up your property for long term rent. Tenants can have a significant influence on the maintenance requirements of a building. Are they willing to contribute to the property’s upkeep? As a landlord, you’re in charge of the bulk of the property’s upkeep and repairs, while the renter promises to keep it clean and neat. You can, however, require that your renters perform some basic maintenance jobs as part of your rental agreement, such as mowing the lawns, weeding the yard, and changing dead batteries of electronic households.

Regular House Inspections and Maintenances

Regular House Inspections and Maintenances

Some maintenance concerns, such as a leaking faucet, are difficult to predict or avoid. By maintaining a regular maintenance plan, other concerns may be addressed before they become severe problems. These are the items that should be examined on a regular basis, such as a yearly furnace inspection, whether weekly, monthly, or annually. It’s not only about avoiding expensive repairs; it’s also about providing a comfortable living environment for renters.

Here is the list of things you should check during a regular inspection in your property Bali Benoa:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Air filters
  • Smoke alarm
  • Plumbing and hot water
  • Gutters, if your tenants regularly clean it or not
  • Pests checking
  • Leaks checking, especially during the wet months in Bali
  • Garden trimming
  • Any potential violation of tenant agreement terms
  • Why Regular Inspections is Important

Small maintenance tasks will save you money in the long term. You’re less likely to have a list ready for when your renters go, which means your property will be vacant for less time while you fix it. Regular upkeep also implies that if you decide to sell, the home will be in better shape.

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Property Inspections Post Move Out 

This inspection occurs after the renter vacates the premises, as the name suggests. This inspection is not just for the landlord to record any damage committed by the tenant, but also for the landlord to note any regular wear-and-tear repairs or maintenance concerns that may need to be addressed before the unit is rented out again.

The Rule of Thumb of Property Bali Benoa Maintenance

It’s difficult to know how much money to set out for rental property maintenance. Many professional property managers follow the 1 percent rule, which states that one percent of the entire property value should be put aside for rental upkeep. According to this guideline, a $200,000 rental property would have a $2,000 annual budget line item for maintenance costs.

Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale

Authenticity is important element when it comes to building relationships including the one you build in professional field such as your company. A business with authenticity has more opportunity to grow better. It is even greater if a leader can develop authentic traits in their ways to lead the teams. Authentic leadership means an approach that is centered on building honest team relationship based on an ethical foundation. 

Authenticity In Leadership Is Good For Both Business and Morale
Image credit:

Authenticity drives people to the better

Authenticity especially during these difficult time of crisis truly makes difference. We are forced to evolve our ways to accommodate he situation and circumstances. However, we well get through any crisis if we know what to use to pull through. In this case, the power of people is what we can rely on the most. And it can only b driven by authenticity delivered by authentic leader. 

How you lead people with authenticity

When you lead your team, you are aware that they are your source of power. Hence, you need to remember what powers your team and how to empower them so they do their best work in any situation the company is facing. This will help you gain long-term success for your business together with your teams. 

To lead with authenticity means you need to put their best interest first. Express your team that you understand and recognize as well as value their their purpose. It is important thing to do because every individual is inspired by purpose. So recognizing their purpose will help inspire new trust between you. This way, they will be their best because they are happy to work with people who know they can trust. 

In business, productivity is one of the keys for success. To increase productivity, you need to make your teams feel valued and appreciated. Make them want to take their best action on their own with how you inspire them through your own authentic actions. This is why authentic leaders are important to grow business better and faster along with solid team. 

Authenticity is good for both business and morale; how?

In these difficult times during pandemic, people look for brands they can trust. Hence, it is the best you show your employees, customers, and business partners why your brands is one of them. You need to show your team why they should be trusted. In business today, it is beyond the sales. Business is also about appreciation to diverse culture, and embracing inclusive ideas to build trust better. 

Productivity and authentic leadership

Authenticity can increase productivity because embracing authentic leadership style requires embracing new mindset as well. New ideas tend to be the results of authentic leadership and those can generate excitement and inspire productivity. Also, authenticity means vulnerability and transparency. When you are leading your team, it is okay if you make mistakes as a leader because you are also human. Use it to show your team how you can grow better. Encourage them to embrace their humanly sides too by not being afraid to show vulnerability and transparency.

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

Building A Niche Market for Your Luxury Villas Bali

A lot of villa owners in Bali fall to the trap of trying to attract mass audience to their vacation rental. The result? Tight price competition that you cannot escape. This is why creating a niche audience for luxury villas in Bali is a good business.

Every holiday property is distinctive. Whether it’s a small villa in the Jimbaran, a beach house in Canggu, or a condo in Seminyak, and if it’s properly positioned inside a niche area, you can step away from the mass audience arena and welcome guests who want exactly what you have to offer.

Why You Should Appeal to Niche Market

Now think about it. Can you compete with high-level search terms for vacation rental that are dominated with giants like AirBnB, Traveloka, and if you focus on large mass audience?

One of the benefits of catering to a narrow niche is that your direct competition is greatly reduced. Because you have a lot smaller collection of keywords, facilities, and specialized marketing outlets to filter results by, competitor research is also much easier. The disadvantage is that each direct competitor has the potential to take a larger share of your revenue.

First and Foremost, Location

When it comes to choosing a specialized market, the location for your luxury villas in Bali is unquestionably important. When you own a vacation rental condo in Canggu, you can make a special accommodation for surfers! Consider where you are, what your surroundings have to offer, and why people vacation in your area. Make a list of activities, vacationer kinds, and the surroundings around you, and set it aside.

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

The Demographics that Come with Certain Areas

You should also think about the demographics of the people who live in or are drawn to a given location. Your surfing resort should ideally be located near a beach with excellent wave breaking conditions for surfers. You can also consider in your area because your demography of surfers is likely to be male-dominated and between the ages of 18 and 45. Choosing a property in a municipality with a nightlife rather than an isolated one, for example.

Researching the Competition for Your Niche Luxury Villas Bali

When looking at competition for a purpose-built luxury villas in Bali, the most crucial thing to look for is an open market. If not, you’ll have to evaluate whether you can compete directly with current firms that cater to your target market. Do you have something more interesting to say? Do you have a stronger grasp on marketing channels?

Targeting the Niche Market

You’ve determined the unique selling points of your location and lodging. Also, you have find the reasons why people would enjoy their vacation rental experience in your villa. From here, you can begin to imagine the types of guests who will enjoy what you have to offer and how to attract them.  You should be selective about the guests who book your holiday rental, whether it is merely a short-term rental investment or your own vacation property that you rent out when you are not using it. This can be accomplished by defining your ideal guest persona.

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Examples of Niche Luxury Villas in Bali

You can start narrowing down your theme or niche market now that you’ve identified your home and the type of renters you’re looking for. Here are some instances of niche travel markets that are expanding in Bali:

  • Luxury travels
  • Pet-friendly accommodation
  • Surfer accommodation
  • Yoga and wellness retreat
  • Honeymoon getaway
  • LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation
  • Family and kid-friendly accommodation
  • Luxury wedding villa

The more you serve to a specialized market, the more you’ll discover about their travel habits. And if you are a quick-witted villa owner, that means an opportunity to let your business grow better!

Supporting Your Virtual Team To Work With Good Spirit And Enthusiasm

Working remotely brings out its own challenges to your business. You need to lead virtual team to keep your business operation runs smoothly. Leading a virtual team is not so easy because working from home itself can be a thing that makes some of your employees at their best performance to say the least. Some of them may prefer working from the office. It is easy to experience burnout even when your teams work from comfortable place like home. 

Supporting Your Virtual Team To Work With Good Spirit And Enthusiasm

How to support your virtual team remotely

The way we work has changed significantly since the global pandemic hit and we can do nothing but adapt. Implementing working from home policy is not as easy as it sounds because there are may things to handle to make it work. Here are some tips for you to support your virtual team during remote work:

Establish good communication

Communication is key is any type of relationships whether personal or professional one. Good communication helps your team remain productive and engaged with their work. Make communication a regular thing to ensure everyone stay on task and meet all the objectives. You can hold weekly meeting to check in your teams, asking their well-being, etc. Then, you can discuss a topic about projects, tasks, etc. Hold another meeting halfway to ask if your team face any challenges or difficulties with their tasks. Open your communication lines such as phone call, email, or message to let them know they can contact you when necessary. 

Consider cross-training

Cross-training can be a good way to keep your virtual team fresh and excited. Enable your teams to switch works or perform other tasks outside of their typical job description. This will work especially for smaller teams. This strategy can also help foster creativity within your team and company. For example, you can appoint sales staff to assist with the hiring and recruiting. This way, they have some variety of their day-to-day tasks. It is a good way to support each other in the team. Not to mention that it is also good to build open-learning culture in the company. 

Increase flexibility

One of the best way to increase your employees satisfaction and wellness is by providing them more flexibility to their working hours and workdays. This is not only good to optimize their performance but also to encourage them to have a good work-life balance. By giving them space to focus more on their well-being and family, they will be more satisfied with both their work and life. You can implement flexibility in many ways such as having an afternoon off, a no meeting day, or shorter working hours on the weekend. 

Asking feedback from your team

To give the right support, you can also open an honest discussion with your team to let them give their feedback. Let them spill their thoughts and ideas of how to work more efficiently within remote culture. Each of your team may face different challenges so this is a good opportunity to plan the best strategy.