List of No Money Business Which You Can Do on Your Own

Do you want to start some businesses and you are looking for the list of no money businesses which you can start on your own? If you do, then you have come to the right place. As we all know, starting a business can use a lot of money and not everyone has that money.

There are some people who end up in debt because they want to start a business but fail. Then, how do you overcome this problem? Well, fortunately, we are now live in a modern era. Meaning, our life is surrounded by sophisticated technologies and the internet.

List of no money businesses you can do your own


If you happen to want to start a business but you do not have money at all, then keep on reading this article. We will give you a list of home business which you can do to earn some good money every day.

Get Money with the Internet

If you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone, do not bother to step out of your home to look for a job. With your internet connection, you can get some money. For example, there are many internet earning opportunities such as completing digital offers, sharing offers with friends, testing websites, watching videos, using smartphone apps, completing surveys, and using coupons.

Usually, you will get paid for at least $1 to $30 per day. Most of the payment will be done using PayPal.

Make Money Blogging

The next no money business which you can do on your own is by creating a blog which can give you a stable income. In this case, you can either use WordPress or Blogger which are free. You will get your money by the WordPress and Blogger’s AdSense ads. Although you will get much money with this, you will be able to gather some audiences. Once you have a stable income, then you can move your blog to the paid version.

Child Care

The next business which you can do without having to have much money is by offering childcare services. As you all know, there are many busy families nowadays and most of them cannot trust their children to strangers.

This is where you can step in and get your chance. You can offer your childcare services to your neighbours in your area. It is even better if you can send your neighbours’ introductory emails so that they know that you are opening the childcare business.

Freelance Writing

The last business which you can do is this freelance writing. The first thing you need to know is that there is no bad writer. You do not have to major in English or have a good record in writing to be a freelance writer. If you enjoy writing, then you definitely have to try this business.

Not only this business will improve your skill in writing, but this business can also allow you to gain experiences. Those are the list of no money businesses which you can do at your home. Choose one and then try it!

8 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak For Travellers in Budget

One of the possible ways to save more budgets while travelling in Bali is to share the accommodation’s bill. If you are able to travel in a group, it is truly recommended for you to rent the 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak if you are requiring for more affordable and a luxury living.

The accommodation is also recommended for the backpackers that should stay in a cheap accommodation and spacious large room. Backpackers should not always being a homeless in a trip, right? And there are no rules at all requiring them not to stay in a villa. World is changing and so does the travelling itself. Being able to stay in an 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak is a gift, you will later know my reasons why I am saying that.

Best of affordable 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak

The first you should have known before is that, most of the villas you are going to rent at Seminyak have their own private pools. When it comes to stay with your friends, that can be a dream comes true. I have no idea what could be better than that while in an accommodation where most of you will be agree to get a small party side of the pool.

Best affordable and cheap 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Staying in a villa will not only as cheap as you can pay, but staying in that accommodation will also a great way not to miss home so much. It can even considered as the most homey accommodation rather than the others ever since it has been built as the house in more luxury way.

Many may are wondering where and which villas should be visited and rent. If the one that you are agreeing with the rest of the group members is the 8 bedroom villa Seminyak, then one of the places you need to go is called as the hu’u Villas Bali.

If you are thinking that you are going to Bali alone but are interested in finding the other travellers to save more money through accommodation, you can find the others through online groups and communities. Many travellers are actually need to find each other especially the backpackers or those who are dare to travel in low budget.

I have forgotten a site for finding the other travellers for sharing things each others including the rooms or accommodations. But, I think you will finds it easily through search engines. You are better doing it long before your arrival so you can plan your visit very well.

The more and less of the travellers are joining in with you, will define how many bedrooms will be needed. So, it can’t always be the 8 bedroom villa Seminyak but possibly less or more than that.

The case is—if there will be less bedrooms needed, you can still find the villa easily with 5, 6, 7 bedrooms or even less than that. But what if there will be more travellers are joining in that is possible for you to rent more the 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak?

Worry not about that! The villa management that I just recommended on above is possible even for up to 13 bedrooms. Sounds relieving?

Another important thing about how cheap it is for the travellers in a budget is—be it $1,000/night, then if there will be 15 people are resting in, then each of them won’t pay more than $67. But in fact, you can get more cheaper than that.

Even if there are also many other hotel rooms with cheaper range of prices, you have known that their facilities and amenities aren’t comparable to the 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak we are talking about. It is even their own bar and restaurant around the villa you are going to rent. And you will even get the special privileges for being the guest.

The villa location itself is also nearby the beach, a really good sign for the better atmosphere of tropical Bali while experiencing it with the others. And later, the question is that: What can be better than living in a luxury villa in Bali by sharing with the others and enjoy all the great amenities and the beneficial of the location? It is truly a place you need to go and rest.

The Importance of Cash Buffer in Property Investing

Every business has its own risk you need to deal with. As in property investing, there are also risks and weighs you need to consider and anticipate. Besides, there is also the unexpected that you might need to face in the future. You see, anything that could go wrong should be anticipated in some ways so that you wouldn’t be suffered from the consequences. One of the most effective strategies to deal with the unexpected in your property investing is cash buffer. Building up cash buffer is a mart way for property investor to maintain their investment and avoid losing much money.

Cash buffer and property investing

There are possible scenarios which cost you money such as when your tenants are late in paying their rent or when your property is left untenanted for certain period. During those times, you need to remember that you still have to pay your loan. They don’t wait until your tenants pay their rent or until your property is tenanted. In addition, there is a lot of possible cases of emergency that could happen to your property such as broken heater, leaking pipes, and many more. Those situations sound simple but never easy to handle in reality.

Those situations can be a test for those who can survive and can’t. Those who can’t handle the situation might leave and retire with little to no savings. Some investors just give up when they keep dealing with those situations while they don’t even get profit they aim from the beginning. However, property investing is never easy. In facts, it has its ups and downs. However, it doesn’t happen only to property business. Other business face similar situation more or less. The point is, dealing with the unexpected never been pleasant but you need to face it either way. By dealing with them, your property investment can survive in the long run and even grow bigger.

Cash buffer is like a life saver in property investing, it can prevent you from losing so much money from unexpected and expensive emergencies. It is what you can rely on during your lowest and weakest point in your property investing. There are many ways you can do to build up your cash buffer. Of course it is not that simple especially when your cash flow is not yet stable. However, you will find it very helpful to have cash buffer during the hard times. It makes all your effort to build your cash buffer worth it.

There is no ultimate calculation as to how much cash buffer you should build. It usually depends on your rent income, property, and regular expenses. However, it is highly suggested that you at least have $5,000-$10,000 per each property you own. That much is enough to deal with emergencies such as immediate repairs that cannot be delayed. Cash buffer is also very helpful when the interest rates increase. You don’t have to deal with unnecessary drama if you can regularly save up from your rental income and build up cash buffer.

Enjoy the Best Holiday with Bali Luxury Villas

You must have known that Bali is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. There are great places to visit during your peaceful getaway. It will even be less-hassled when choose Bali Luxury Villas to find the best accommodation. Of course, Bali gives you zero problem when it comes to accommodation. Besides, villas are more preferred for Bali visitors than other types of accommodation. Villas gives more cozy and homey vibe for the guest so it makes sense that most visitors in Bali prefer villas over hotels or resorts.

Bali Luxury Villas

Villas you can find at Bali Luxury Villas

Bali Luxury Villas have been renting and managing private villas in Bali with love and full attention. They are so ready to give you the finest of Bali through perfect accommodation in the form of prestigious, luxurious, private villas. You see, Bali has great diversity and beauty to enjoy. Designing exclusive vacation for over 20 years, it just makes senses for you to trust them to find you the best villa. Here are some villas featured in Bali Luxury Villas:

  • Sol Y Mar Villa is located in a breathtaking sunset cliff. It consists of four bedrooms to accommodate eight persons at max. Since it overlooks an open ocean, you can enjoy the view anytime you want while basking in a soft breeze. This villas is fully staffed consisted of manager, private chef, villa attendants, butlers, and security. This villas is only a short drive away from the infamous Balinese temple, Pura Luhur which is located at Uluwatu. This villa also has tropical garden, media room, infinity swimming pool, as well as stunning vista. There is also art digital library where you can find huge library of music and movie collection.
  • Jagaditha Villa is located in Canggu, overlooking Indian Ocean. It consists of six bedrooms accommodating twelve guests at max. It is perfect for a family getaway especially if you own a big one. This villa is only 24 km away from the airport which makes it more accessible. During your time in this villa, you can freely enjoy the view of Cemagi Beach. Not to mention you can also enjoy the view of rice paddies where the locals live nearby. Luscious garden, infinity pool, as well as living and dining pavilion are there to provide you more comfort during your stay.

Kali Bali Villa consists of four bedrooms. It has great interior design decorated with ocean-themed artwork. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas for you to enjoy your meals. And of course, it is fully staffed with experienced and charming people. You can also access an expansive rooftop entertainment terrace to enjoy majestic views. You can laze around in timber deck surrounded by potted plants, and breezy atmosphere. There is also a private give with coach trainer and complete equipment for you to maintain your fitness even during your holiday. So, choose one of villas features in Bali Luxury Villas from now so your getaway will be more memorable and comfortable.

What to Do to Become Successful in Business and Life

Everyone must aim for success in their general life especially in business. Those who are successful in business are usually wealthy and their index of happiness is relatively higher. Choosing a career in property investing is promising because there are lots of opportunity you can get to achieve your goal to become successful and wealthy. Besides, one of the reasons why property business is preferred is because of the chance of financial freedom. However, becoming a successful business owner or a person in general is not that easy in real life. Let’s face it, people may have similar goals so the competition is not a joke. Does it mean the chance to be successful is lesser?

Mindset and traits to lead you into success in business and life

Every individual has their own unique trait. However, there is always recipe to achieve certain flavor. As for the recipe to be successful in business and life, you may need to start with your mindset and traits. Those are things you need to change to the better which can lead you closer to the stage of success. Here are some thoughts that may help you to reach your goal in your business and life in general

It is not a secret that those who are willing to learn is always step ahead. Just like the Earth that keeps moving, you also need to keep moving to get closer to your destination. If you are unwilling to learn, you will be left behind. To be successful in business, you need to be willing to study other successful investors, entrepreneurs, and people in general. There must be some pattern you can learn. Keep in mind that what you learn and do today build your future.

Be passionate but not too hard on yourself can help you become successful effectively. Being passionate means you are eager to improve yourself and have motivation to keep going. You don’t hesitate to find and create new ideas for your business to grow. You never feel every trial as unworthy. However, being too hard on yourself is not a good trait. When you score a deal for example, don’t hesitate to reward yourself. Celebrate your small wins because it can help you building your self-confidence. It also helps you to stay motivated and energized.

It is totally fine to dream big and aim for the top. However, you need to make that dream to become a real life idea and live on that. To realize your dream, you need to stay true to your words, be on time on every appointment, be responsible of every task you handle, etc. Successful people don’t like listening to dream-killers or naysayers. They listen to advice coming from professional, experts, and already successful people. Being ignorant is needed for some level so that you won’t get easily swayed by negative opinion from others. Important keywords to become successful in business and life in general include dependability, reliability, integrity, and consistency. Improving yourself in those areas will get you closer to become successful.

Scuba Diving In Bali Cost, A New Experience Underwater With Low Budget

Since diving is considered an expensive activity, many people think more about trying diving. One solution is to go to diving destinations especially in Asia. The average budget for diving in Asia is relatively cheap compared to other places. Bali is one of the low budget diving destinations. In fact, when compared to Thailand, Philippine, vacation budgets including scuba diving in Bali the cost in it is fairly cheap.

scuba diving in bali cost

If you have not arrived in Bali, and when you arrive, there will be many brochures offering a variety of scuba diving price packages. Of course, scuba diving in Bali cost comes from many dive operators. There are several dive operators that combine diving and other activities such as banana boats, parasailing, ocean walks, including transfers to and from the hotel. Some tourists who first go to Bali may question insurance for all activities as a security reason.

If you lose brochure deals and haven’t had the chance to see scuba diving in Bali cost, look for dive operators via the internet. Most hotels or villas also allow you to find dive operators. What is certain is, scuba diving prices every dive operator varies, then comparing is best if you want to dive on a low budget.

Scuba Diving in Bali Cost With Dune Atlantis

Dune Atlantis, one of the leading dive operators in Bali offers the pleasure of diving for beginners and professional divers. For those of you who want to enjoy diving training, this is scuba diving in Bali cost offered by Dune Atlantis.

There are several Bali price scuba diving offers for beginners, ranging from $ 145 – $ 265. If you already have a diving certificate, there are daily diving trips starting at $ 59 – $ 159. It would be more fun if you could enjoy live-board diving with facilities. luxurious and comfortable ship.

Scuba diving packages in Bali cost for available specialty courses training from $ 170 – $ 455, depending on what specialties you want to take. When diving is your passion, then being an instructor is the highest level. Scuba diving in Bali cost for specialty courses is indeed quite expensive compared to training with levels below it, starting at prices of $ 175 – $ 2037

In a diving training program, beginners will be given a briefing on basic skills and use of diving equipment. The above prices include the shuttle to and from your hotel. Ask all information before determining which scuba diving in Bali cost is adjusted to the level of your dive. The experience of underwater diving in Bali with a low budget is not just a dream. You can also enjoy the scenery and other tourist destinations around Bali.

Strategies Property Investors Need to Manage Potential Risks

It is already known that property business is risky in some ways. It is rewarding if you can make excellent work. However, it can also cost you a lot if you failed. Of course, taking risk is sometime necessary in order to grow your business. However, not every risk is worth taking. Some of them are meant to be declined. Property investors are required to be hardworking as well as witty. It means you need to use your creativity when facing into various situation during your career in property investing. What you need to remember is that every risk is manageable in a sense that you will have an option whether to take it or leave it. Making thorough calculation is what you need to do. And of course, you need to rely on your logic than emotion.

Managing property investment risks by the right strategies

It is true that property investment is one of the best wealth making strategies. However, it is important to remember that no matter how promising it is, there is always risk following. There is no such thing as risk-zero in property investment. However, you can manage every type of risk if you know the best strategies to outdo them.

During your time in managing property investment, you may have to deal with the loan so you can properly fund your business. It is not a new strategy. In fact, having loan is very common even for other business outside property investment. It is not a weakness if you have a loan for your property business. It is not a risk for having loan either. The real risk is not being able to repay the interest on the loan itself. You see, interest rate is one of the most challenging issues when it comes to property business. However, you need it to finance your business. To manage the risk of not being able repay the interest, you can use strategy such as a line of credit or cash buffer. Therefore, you will have extra money when interest rates spikes unexpectedly.

There is also a risk of property market to be crashing. Even though ‘crashing’ sounds too terrifying, it isn’t easy to happen either. There are various factors that can cause that risk to happen. It won’t risk overnight though. However, you still need to manage this risk. One of the best strategies is to buy investment grade property. This type of investment is less affected by situation in the market. It has high chance to outperform the market risk in some ways.

Aside from buying investment grade property, location is also important to consider. Choosing the right property in the right location is the most effective strategies to outperform potential risks in property investment. At least, it can prevent you from a big loss. Creating wealth by investing in property is promising because it has long story which resulted in lower risk. However, the risk is still there and never non-existent so you still need to have good plan to manage every single of it.

Recommended Seminyak Villas to Book for Your getaway

Spending your holiday at private pool villas sounds like a dream. However, it is not a dream if you think of Bali. This is where you can find the best private villas. It is not hard to find villas in Bali. In every area, you will be able to locate villas ranging from simple, to more prestigious one. If you are planning to stay at livelier part of Bali, it is highly advised to book one of Seminyak villas to stay. Seminyak offers everything you need for fun travelling. Whether you are travelling solo or in group, staying at villa will not make your holiday feel less memorable. In fact, it can even make it more fun and comfortable at the same time.

Seminyak villas

Amazing Seminyak villas

Villa has homey vibe which can make you feel at ease during your stay. The interior design and decoration provide a good living condition. It is no wonder that lots of tourists like spending longer time ti stay in Bali. Here are some recommended Seminyak villas that you can book for your next holiday in Bali:

  • Bewa Villa fits best for you who are looking for simplicity and comfort. This is a charming villa with three bedrooms. With high ratings from previous guests, this villa has become more popular. It is situated in the heart of Seminyak which grants you easy access to every places. Double Six Beach is only 8 minute walk away from this villa. It is also managed by charming and friendly staffs. This villa is also relatively affordable so if you are budget traveler, this place is perfect for you.
  • Pandora Villa consists of four bedrooms situated in the center of Seminyak. This villa has classic design but is equipped with modern facilities and appliances. It is also decorated with elegant furniture. This villa is dominated by white with natural brown as charming accent. There is an open-air bathtub as well as shower area for you to relax while enjoying the beautiful sunset in the sky of Bali.
  • Yoga Villa is recommended to book because it gives different atmosphere. It has traditional Balinese style to both interior and exterior. This villa is also large that it is perfect for big families. With tranquil and calming ambience, this place has become one of the most favorite villas to book by tourists. It is decorated by wooden materials and painted in natural and neutral colors. Staying at this villa will make you feel peaceful and closer to the nature.
  • Matahari villa is one of the best Seminyak villas for solo traveler or a couple in romantic escapade. It consists of one bedroom which gives you privacy more than anything. It has rustic style to the interior and decorated with traditional fabrics. There are also traditional furniture filling the living space such as rattan chair and wooden table.  It also has open-air space which allows the breeze to come inside. Located in Umalas, some restaurants, cafes, bars are only within walking distance.

How to Respond When a Crisis Strikes Your Business

Building and developing a business is like navigating a ship through the raging tide. Sometimes, it even feels like you are going through an area full of mine especially when you face a crisis. A crisis can lead to a disaster and it could strike no matter how good you have been handling the business so far. Crises are a common thing that every company will face at some point.

Many corporates have been defeated by an unexpected bombshell. However, in most cases, it wasn’t the crisis that causes them to flutter. It was actually the leader who has wrongly respond to the crisis that creates the ultimate damage.

how to respond when crisis strikes your business

A crisis is an exact moment where you can determine who is the true leader and which one pretending as a boss.

This is the very moment when an organisation put on a test. It forces you as a businessman to be proactive and find the necessary steps to pass through the crises safely. These are things that you should consider when your business faces turbulent times.

Be honest

In order to make the direction right, a good businessman should start by confronting the hard truths. There’s no reason that could be used to blame the leader for unforeseeable circumstances or for other kinds of an unavoidable strike of bad luck. However, you should aware that crises are often raised from within and worsen by the company itself.

If the crisis rises due to the structural failure, then a good businessman should be able to analyse the flaw and discover how it triggers the crisis. Be honest to yourself will help you to find the root of all problems easily. Afterward, you will be capable to address these problems.

Act carefully, but don’t waste time

While you are trying to diagnose the problems, you should be willing to work with a keen team to establish a strategic plan. No matter how undesirable or difficult the options can be, those should be brought together and weighed.

Once you can make a decision and develop a plan, you must put it into as soon as possible. Time really matters and usually a key in these scenarios, so there’s no time to hesitate. Some kind of crisis even needs to be responded on the same day. Delaying will only be seen as indifference or incompetence.

Keep your mind focused

You should always be aware as the plan is taken into action. There will possibly be more challenges and setbacks that appear. Even if you have concluded an impeccable response to control the crisis, competitors or other parties might use this opportunity to give some critics in order to kick your organisation while it flounder.

If you are unable to maintain your focus on the big picture, it would be better to take a step back and reassess the whole situation. Even, you can seek advice from people who have no connection with your business. Just don’t let yourself to lose in despair. If the plan you have made is sound and the intentions are virtuous, then push it and make your way through the uncertainty and discomfort.

It’s not always possible for a business to pass through a crisis unscathed or completely recover, even when the leader is brilliant. Don’t forget to take every lesson you could get from a disaster. Just remember that failure you have today could be a success tomorrow.

Paid Social Media Ads Services in Bali, Start Thinking About It!

So, you have a business in Bali, huh? Could you telling me how does your business get customers? Do they stopping by into your shop or rent the villa by accident or do they have known you from random social media status on their feeds and read about someone reviewing your business?

What a questions!

But frankly, those are important questions since the more people your business could reach, you can then start gaining revenue, profits, developing the business, pay the employee and many more. And you have known that social media platform can also be good to be used for customer reach.

And today, we are not going to talk about what status should be posted on Facebook, what image should be uploaded on Instagram along the captions and hashtags, or what to tweet that can get more retweets and so on. Your business need to reach more customers through social media platforms but using the paid traffic which is means to make use of the available ads services.

Paid social media ads services in Bali

Paid traffic is the ads service itself. Think about Facebook Ads where you can reach customers or users who are using Facebook and is also integrated to the Instagram since this image-base platform has been acquired by Facebook in 2012 ago.

As one of the ads platforms for social media, it is mostly used by the businessmen or Social Media Specialists as the faster way to promote the products, get more traffics to business site, increasing the engagements of the posts or the social media followers and many things.


Getting organic traffics which is mean that people will find your page or site naturally is good, but it take time. So much time and will also affecting your business can be developed slower. So that, you can’t really neglecting the paid social media ads. Hey, you have known that business competition in Bali is also very much crazy. Do you think it is enough for your villas or hotel rooms to be reserved by travellers that will finds it accidentally? You are dreaming!

Did you know that even if you only got a dollar, you can actually start using it to put ads on Facebook? That will really a good news for business in Bali since almost 99,9% of all businesses have been got a chance to reach the online customers that are active on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger app.

You can also think about the Google Ads to increase traffic for you site and see if that can help you get more sales or conversions.

Sadly, many businessmen in Bali don’t know where to start and what to prepare and consider. They had never got a team for that, nor the way how to optimise the ads so they can reach more visibility in more affordable budget. Therefore, I’d like to tell you that your business is really need a service like the social media ads Bali where you can get rid off the hassles in preparing the contents, designs, no more thinking hard about copywriting, monitoring the engagements, and many more.

If you’ve got an accommodation in Bali to be offered to the travellers, a coffee bar for a leisure of hanging out, your time is more valuable to ensure that all the services are at their best and the other important things. Leave the social media optimisation to the agency you are going to work with and you’d likely will in love that this important project is handled by the experts.